The 2pm Check up (29.06)

In today’s 2pm Check up, it has been a year since I last drank alcohol. I explain the reasons I have given up alcohol and apologise to JW once again for being an absolute idiot.

Alcohol never helps, it only makes things worse and in the end causes people to act out of character. There is a reason that we evolved executive functions in the brain!!!

Here is today’s 2pm check up, where I will be recording and sharing a video at approximately 2pm each day to see where I am at both mentally and physically. It is the midpoint of the day, so even if it is not going so well, there is always an opportunity for things to get better. As a viewer, you can also take this opportunity to assess your day and see if you can make a difference. You still have at least 8 hours before it’s time for bed!! I am trying to raise awareness about mental health issues by starting a conversation about it. There is no shame in admitting that you need help sometimes.

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