The 2pm Check up (21.04)

Today was my first day back in real life at Uni. It felt as though I had travelled back in time and was experiencing my first day at school all over again. Although I’ve been back at uni for over 18 months now – it was only my third day of classes in presence over that time! I was most definitely nervous. Would I find the lecture hall? Would I be on-time? All these questions and more.

However, once I arrived I found the room straight away, I arrived with minutes to spare and any anxiety ridden thoughts were put to sleep. Things could not have been better. It often occurs that what we fabricate inside our own minds is the worst case scenario and it very rarely, if ever, is how we imagine it to be.

It was so great to see everyone after the semester break and I even had the pleasure of having lunch with my two favourite philosophers (see photo!). We always have such wonderful and interesting conversations and it has certainly set the tone for the rest of my day! (Please Google snail anatomy right now and be amazed by the intricacy of these glorious creatures!)

Throughout my twenties, I lived on my own and I always thought that I enjoyed the quiet and the independence of being alone. Sometimes the prospect of catching up with friends seemed overwhelming and I blamed my anxiety on not being as social as I would have liked to be. But as I have grown older and hopefully somewhat wiser, I have learnt that being around people, sharing ideas and sharing energy is so great for the mood and I am so enthusiastic for this semester and the amazing subjects offered by the Berlin School of Mind & Brain.

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